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Karaoke Version

Customisable Guitar Backing TracksNeed Professional quality song Backing Tracks that you can customise?

If you are looking for the best backing tracks online for your music set up read on below.

Music backing tracks can be used by musicians in so many ways from performance to practice. As musicians we may need the ability to create a custom backing track.

What is a Backing Track?

A quality backing track is pre-recorded musical instruments used as accompaniment for a singer, musician or band.

At it’s simplest, its backing tracks you can download in MP3.

The high quality download can be played on a smartphone or tablet – this can be wired into a speaker system.

You can use more sophisticated sound generators like audio wav files played from a DAW for a backing tracks live performance software solution.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • A duo of a guitarist/singer and bass player/singer might use a backing track of drums and keyboards for their performance.
  • A Violin soloist might use professional backing tracks of other orchestral instruments for her solo performance.
  • A singer might use a professional backing tracks of a full band for his performance.
  • Live bands use professional backing tracks for extra vocals, instrumentation and sound effects
  • Guitarist practising a song with no guitar backing tracks with vocals

How to use a Backing tracks for live perfromance ? (Backing Tracks for singers and guitar)

In the example of the duo of guitarist and bass player of how to use backing tracks for guitars.

They have inputted their guitars and vocals into a mixing desk.

They have also inputted an iPhone to the mixing desk which plays their backing track MP3.

They have mixed the levels of the backing track which is playing pre-recorded drums and keyboard with their guitars and vocals.

The mixer outputs to speakers that amplify their performance were they can achieve a “full band” sound using the backing tracks.

This is a perfect solution for a very small venue to have a “full band sound” in a confined space and get you singing with backing tracks.

What is a Custom Backing track?

There is a magical way to create a custom backing track of any classic song you can think of for less that a cup of coffee using this online app for backing tracks.

This is a badass solution for full bands requiring backing tracks for instrumentation (string arrangements if you are a live band with no keys using a click track) or if you are a duo or solo act – click the pic below!

Guitar Backing Tracks
Backing Tracks Guitar

If you want to take a go at a song – you can get check it out  here – Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb

They have a huge range of tracks from just about anybody you can think of from Highway To Hell by AC/DC to Metallica’s Enter Sandman

This is one way if you were considering how to use backing tracks for guitars either to practice at home (check below to see how this can be used for full remote band practice if the band needs ) or in a live performance setting.

We must admit that a backing track creator called Karaoke Version freaked us out to start with – but once you get past the name you will find a serious solution here.

Check out the video below on How to customise your own backing tracks even if you are useless with computers!

Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb

The Easy Band Practice Online Solution!

Guitar (or any Instrument!) Backing Track Software!

Rehearse your WHOLE set with your own customisable backing tracks for less than £10 with this software for backing tracks!!!!

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

You learn all your guitar parts, you can play along perfectly to the original AC/DC track (of course you can, it’s easy when you have Angus himself to watch your back) and you think that you are ready to hit the rehearsal with a bang!

You get there, set up all your gear and get ready to rock out the song and all of a sudden your glowing confidence fades as your band are about to kick into the song.

Guitarists – it’s not just you! All the musicians in the band will feel the same!

You might want professional guitar backing tracks with vocals!

You now have to play all the parts without playing along with the original track.

You have done your job of learning the riffs and the solos and nailed the actual guitar parts!!!

It’s a confidence thing!

It’s scary when you and you alone have to play all the parts for the first time (but that’s your job)!

You feel the weight of pressure on you to pull of a rocking version on the first run through.

How a Musician prepares for a performance (practice or for real)…Be Prepared!

So how do you replicate what it is like to play the song with your band for the first time just like you rip it out at home.

Impossible I hear you say? Not at all if you utilise this sexy, cheap piece of guitar (or any instrument) backing track software.

This will knock out wasted time at band rehearsals and allow you to get straight in to really tightening up those songs from the get go!

Many of us will be online searching for rehearsal tools and backing tracks for live performance

Like me you have spent countless hours googling these and STILL did not find a good solution:

  • ‘ free guitar backing tracks ‘
  • ‘free backing tracks for guitar practice’
  • ‘free guitar backing tracks with vocals’
  • ‘ free guitar backing tracks no vocal”
  • ‘ backing tracks for guitar players “
  • ‘ guitar play along ‘
  • ‘ music backing tracks ‘
  • ‘ professional backing tracks “
  • ‘ guitar play along ‘
  • ‘ guitar backing tracks with vocals ‘
  • ‘ guitar jam tracks ‘ or ‘ guitar jamming tracks ‘

AC DC Guitar Backing Tracks

If you arrived here searching for one of the above, I hope you might be on your way to a simple, affordable and pro sounding solution.

Karaoke VersionBacking Tracks for live performance

‘ free guitar backing tracks no vocal or ______ (fill in the blank) ‘

Free is good but it is not always the quickest, most efficient – think of the time you spend searching, demoing and being disappointed at the sound and quality of “free” backing tracks.

If you need Backing tracks without guitar this might just be your ideal solution!

Quick, flexible, quality, low cost trumps free every time for me!

The Perfect Online Rehearsal Tool for Bands

Customisable Guitar Backing Tracks

It’s called Karaoke Version!

“It’s called WHHHAAAATTTTTT? ” I hear you all scream!!! Karaoke for guitar players ??? (that’s just not right! Hold on though…and read on!)

No wonder you might have missed this hidden gem!!!

Don’t be put off by the name if you are a real musician and hate all those want-to-be Karaokeer’s who absolutely murder good songs (only kidding Karaoke people – I believe there is a place for everyone in our music world – If you want to belt out a song at a karaoke night go for it  – have some fun and sing to your hearts content)

All joking aside….Karaoke Version has got a serious tool under the hood that you may not have come across for musicians – whether you are a drummer, guitar player, keyboardist, singer, brass player or whatever.

It can essentially be used as a guitar backing track generator that gives you a professional music recording software control over classic rock and pop hits of all your idols.

Be Tony Visconti or Bob Rock for the day!

You get a chance to do your own remix of a rock classic!

You can create custom backing tracks for your band as you will see in the demo video below!

Check out the customised backing track of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb

You will see in the video that you can mute and edit the volume of all the individual instrument tracks.

Each band member can produce a practice mix that they can rehearse to at home before a band practice:

  • If you are a guitarist, you can mute the guitars
  • If you are drummer, you can mute the drums
  • If you are a bassist, you can mute the bass
  • If you are a keyboard player, you can mute the keys

Each musician can have their very own customised backing track with their instrument muted and set the volume mix for all the other instruments and play along with a pro sound backing track.

Just try this through headphones and you will see what I mean!

The benefit of this little trick is a surefire performance booster:

  • you now have a full band mix to practice to
  • all the musicians are on the same virtual page
  • you can work on this at your home rehearsal den

When you arrive at your rehearsal, you are guaranteed to be the best prepared band ever!

Practices will run smoothly and more efficiently. The less time in the small, stuffy rehearsal room with a bunch of smelly musicians the better!

Better still when you download the track it’s yours to use over and over again – you can use this as a practice reference tool from here to eternity (There is even Iron Maiden tracks…read on…)

Amazingly, you can change pitch of song easily to allow a singer to try different keys!

These are not free guitar backing tracks but they are seriously good value for money as an online rehearsal tool!!!

– My band spent months looking for a synth player with no avail. Someone recommended KV to me, and my search was over. I purchase the custom tracks and we run the synth tracks and sound effects only through the PA, giving us a built in synth player. My band has never sounded so good – As well, when our singer can’t make rehearsals, we re-DL the tracks with the vocals in place so we can rehearse with a vocal guide. GREAT site!

Trust Pilot Karaoke Version Review

Karaoke Version

You won’t need look for backing tracks app ever again wont you have discovered this

Check out the video below on How to customise your own backing tracks even if you are useless with computers!

It is simple to use!

If you want to take a go at this song – you can get it here – Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb

They have a huge range of tracks from just about anybody you can think of from Highway To Hell by AC/DC to Metallica’s Enter Sandman

This is a badass solution for full bands requiring backing tracks for instrumentation (string arrangements if you are a live band with no keys using a click track) or if you are a duo or solo act.

Although just be careful to ensure you don’t get into any legal hot water and seek the necessary permissions.

Karaoke Version have this notice on their site:

“This website respects music copyrights. All rights are reserved for the protected works reproduced on this website. Without permission, all uses other than home and private use are forbidden.”

Singers can use this tool – Guitar Backing Tracks with no vocals or instruments if you wish – just mute the vocals, play the song in your headphones and sing wherever you are!

No more blaming the singer for not learning the songs – You have decoded that problem!

I’m a professional vocalist and I’ve bought and used hundreds of tracks from Karaoke Version. I especially love the Custom track section where I can omit whatever instruments or voices that I don’t want and once I purchase the track I can make as many changes as I need. Customer service is prompt and fair if there’s ever a problem and I have nothing but praise for this company. highly recommend them!!

Trust Pilot Karaoke Version Review

Karaoke Version

I had a go at Toto’s Hold The Line recently. I was inspired to create this version in anticipation of seeing Toto and one one of my fave guitarist’s Steve Lukather live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In this fun recording I use my MusicMan Ernie Ball Luke – Steve’s signature guitar into a Sansamp PSA1. I run a Line 6 m13 into the effects loop of the Sansamp for some delay.

The m13 has a tap delay function that allows you to sync the timing of the delay to the beat of the song.

The Sansamp preamp runs into an Allen Heath ZED 12 FX were I made small EQ adjustments. From the Allen & Heath mixer, I input to a Focusrite Scarlett 212 and recorded the audio using Garage Band on my Mac.

Karaoke Version Customisable tracks are a super solution for many issues that musicians may encounter to help with practice and performance.

At £1.99 a go – you get to download an MP3 which you can remix as many times as you want – a mix without vocals, guitars, drums, keys, brass and bass for each of the band means they have a pro sounding backing track to practice with for just 0.33 pence per musician.

0.33 pence per song for a 30 song set is only £9.90. For under a tenner, you have got peace of mind you will be able to play your parts when it comes to band practice and not be there all night!

Songs I have bought from Karaoke Version Custom Tracks  (I will continue to add to this list)

    1. Deep Purple Perfect Strangers
    2. Van Halen Jump
    3. John Cougar Mellencamp Hurts So Good
    4. Vince Gill Liza Jane
    5. Dire Straits Sultans of Swing
    6. Jimi Hendrix Little Wing
    7. Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places
    8. Genius Queen Medley for a two piece or solo Queen Medley Part 2
    9. Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name

What tracks would you like to be able to download?

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