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AC DC backing Tracks

AC/DC Guitar Backing Tracks

If you are looking for super sounding, completely customisable AC/DC backing tracks – cheap and simple to customise online – your search is over!

How to get good backing tracks to practice AC/DC on guitar (although it’s not just for guitarists) is something I have been looking out for for ages.

Watch the video above for a near perfect solution (BTW do not be put off by the name of the site and software – just dig a little deeper here and you will find rock musician gold)

How to use backing tracks for guitar?

You can play the AC/DC songs by yourself!

You can use backing tracks for practice or even live performance depending what your set up is.

Want to rock out some AC/DC but your fellow bandmates are locked down? Well, this is the perfect way to get your Angus, Malcolm, Brian , Cliff or Phil hat on and rock it loud!

Backing Tracks for musicians might just pull you out of a music hole!

AC/DC backing tracks to download!

We have listed some super cool AC/DC Backing tracks for singers and guitar (actually any instrument! You can mute the bass, guitars, drums and vocals with this amazing online mixer)

 Mute your instrument, download and practice the song with a full backing band minus your instrument – it’s the perfect practice tool!

Click the song you want below to see it in action – mute your instrument, play about with the mix, download and you are good to go!


Angus Young AC:DC Backing Tracks
  1. Angus Young was born on March 31, 1955
  2. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland 
  3. He is the lead guitarist of the legendary hard rock band AC/DC inspiring millions of air guitarists!
  4.  He is also famous for wearing his school boy clothes onstage
  5.  He invented the Angus Young Duck Walk (borrowed from Chuck Berry)
  6. Angus is married to Ellen Young – they tied the knot in 1980 (Adrian Vandenburg of Whitesnake fame was responsible for them first meeting)
  7. Angus Young Height – 1.57 metres or 5 Foot 2 Inches
  8.  How much is Angus Young worth? $160 Million

AC/DC first ever single - Can I sit next to your girl - Dave Evans on vocals

AC/DC Discography

  • High Voltage (1975, Australia only)
  • T.N.T. (1975, Australia only)
  • High Voltage (1976, International version)
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976)
  • Let There Be Rock (1977)
  • Powerage (1978)
  • If You Want Blood You’ve Got It (1978)
  • Highway to Hell (1979)
  • Back in Black (1980)
  • For Those About to Rock We Salute You (1981)
  • Flick of the Switch (1983)
  • Fly on the Wall (1985)
  • Who Made Who (1986)
  • Blow Up Your Video (1988)
  • The Razors Edge (1990)
  • Ballbreaker (1995)
  • Stiff Upper Lip (2000)
  • Black Ice (2008)
  • Rock or Bust (2014)
  • Power Up (2020)

AC/DC Angus Young 2020

AC/DC Angus Young Guitar Playing

Angus Young guitar of choice has always been the Gibson SG.

Angus Young’s first Gibson guitar was a Standard Gibson SG finished in walnut fitted with a Lyre Maestro tremolo bridge.

Angus mainly uses Marshall 1959 100 watt Super Lead Plexi heads and model 1960 AX and BX 4×12 cabinets with Celestion G12-65 speakers.

He uses Ernie Ball Super Slinky guitar strings (.009-.042) and Fender “Extra Heavy” picks.

Young’s lead guitar playing and riffs are based around the pentatonic blues scale. 

AC/DC might have a simple approach as far as guitar scales are concerned but the secret is in the powerful guitar tones, groove and space in the music.

Yes, AC/DC have been accused to making the same record over and over again by critics. But stuff the critics – it’s the enduring sound of AC/DC and the Young brothers – Angus and Malcom – that have created a music insitution.

You just know it’s AC/DC and Angus – that surely is the holy grail for any guitarist!

Angus and Malcolm created some fantastic trademark guitar moments:

  • Clean intro into the main riff – For Those About to Rock
  • Angus the double stop master – the two notes bends are everywhere in AC/DC music
  • Speedy, flurry of notes climaxing in a lovely, smooth single note vibrato

Malcolm Young Funeral

This is a very touching tribute by Angus Young to his brother and AC/DC bandmate – carrying his guitar behind his coffin.

A final salute by Angus to Malcolm from us all who rocked to the the sound of their guitars.