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Watch the video now if you want to learn to play guitar! Adrian dispels some of the myths about learning to play guitar!

Why learn to play guitar?

As well as the joy we get from listening and playing music, learning to play the guitar is superb for developing your confidence, discipline and you will feel a real sense of achievement!

What we offer!

  • Beginner Guitar Courses

    “Let’s start from the beginning, a very good place to start…”

  • Learn about Melody and Chords

    The guitar is a versatile instrument – you can play melodies (tunes) and harmony (chords). We will learn to play simple melodies and chords.

  • Learn to play your first song

    Playing our first song on guitar! We will learn how to plan practice, persist when we are finding things tough and have a little patience!

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How We Help!

  • 1-On-1 Guitar Lessons

    Book one and one private lessons! In a professional and comfortable guitar studio based in Warrenpoint!

  • Already play guitar?

    We can cover more advanced technique and systems for helping you improve your guitar playing!

  • Stuck in a rut?

    Exploring the basics of music theory in a fun and simple way will help you break out of your guitar playing rut.


Amazing Content

Learn your first Guitar Chord

The One finger chord system is an excellent way to get started playing guitar chords. Learning to play guitar chords is difficult. The one finger chords gets you playing a chord quickly and easy and will inspire you to move on!

The Benefits of Guitar

Music is Good For You!

Scientists have learned that listening and playing music is good for our brains. Hey, learning to playing guitar is good for your health

It's more than just playing...

Learning to play guitar helps you with setting goals, become more motivated and confident generally. You are not just developing musical skills but life skills when you learn to play guitar!


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