Garth Brooks gives his guitar away to brave fan!

I came across this video recently of an incredibly loving and compassionate act from the country star Garth Brooks during one of his concerts.

During his performance of the song, The Dance, he notices a sign held up by a fan in the audience.

She had chemo treatment that morning and bravely attended the Garth Brook’s concert in the evening.

Garth sings the song to her and then gives her his guitar…what a lovely act of kindness and no doubt gave that lady an amazing experience as she goes through her treatment.

Take a look at the video below

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It is not the first time Garth Brooks has done this – check below to see him give another a fan his guitar during one of his shows

Guitar Smashing

Smashing guitars on stage was once part of Garth’s show – he shifted the country show up a gear and made it more like a rock concert!

I know that smashing guitars is a display of rebellion and anger against the system for some, part of a show for others but I just see it as a waste of a perfectly good instrument that someone would be glad to own cherish and play!

Giving his guitars away to fans is certainly better than smashing them at his concerts.

The guitar that he smashed is now displayed at the Smithsonian’s “Treasures of American History”

Well done to Garth Brooks for giving these guitars to fans rather than smashing them but just in case you want a reminder of what he used to do – check out the video below!

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Garth Brooks and Takamine

Garth Brooks uses Takamine Guitars and plays his signature model designed in conjunction with Takamine.

The guitar – GB7C Garth Brooks signature model – is designed for both soft, chord picking  and for full on strumming – perfect for those quiet county ballads and the more upbeat country dance floor fillers.

The Garth Brooks model was first introduced in 1995.

Takamine guitars were first manufactured at the foot of Mount Takamine in the central Japanese town of Sakashita. Takamine celebrated 50 years of guitar making in 2012.

I am playing a Takamine Guitar in the video below – how to play Photograph by Ed Sheeran – Fancy Learning to Play Guitar? CLICK HERE

Garth Brooks and Ireland

Online rumours recently surfaced that Garth Brooks was due to play three shows in Ireland in 2018.

This follows on from the 2014 debacle when Garth Brooks was scheduled to play 5 shows at Croke Park in Dublin resulting in an abrupt cancellation of all the shows despite an attempt to stage three of the shows.